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NHL Expansion on the Horizon?

NHL Expansion on the Horizon?

As we close in on the start of NHL training camps there has been a lot of talk recently about the possibility of NHL expansion. Various sites have a strong possibility of the NHL expanding by 2 teams over the next 5 years. That would give the NHL 32 teams and 16 teams per conference. There are a lot of markets who want an NHL teamsthat could be a success. Let’s take a look at a few cities that…

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Better Late Then Never….. Try Telling That to Backstrom

Better Late Then Never….. Try Telling That to Backstrom

Six months ago, Washington Capitals centre Nicklas Backstrom was in Sochi, getting ready for what he dubbed the biggest game of his career.

Hours before the puck was dropped, the International Olympic Committee delivered some devastating news: Backstrom had been deemed ineligible to play in the gold medal game.

Speaking of the decision, Backstrom stated:

“I have nothing to hide,” said Backstrom.…

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The Simpsons vs The NHL

The Simpsons vs The NHL

When The Simpsons began airing, the writers made no secret about their affinity for the sport of hockey.

There was the time Bart cut Gordie Howe’s photo out from an old book to cheer up unlucky in love teacher Edna Krabappel. There was the time Homer sold his soul for a doughnut – and was subsequently judged by a jury of the damned, which included the starting lineup of the 1976 Flyers. There was…

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Vegas Baby!

When you think of hockey, Las Vegas may not be one of the first places that comes to mind – unless you’re speaking of the (rumored) upcoming NHL expansion, that is.

Within the last 24 hours, there has been an abundance of rumors that seem to suggest Las Vegas will be the next city to be graced with an NHL franchise. Questionable location aside (does Las Vegas really have the means to support a…

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Ottawa Senators Give Craig Anderson 3-Year Contract Extension

Ottawa Senators Give Craig Anderson 3-Year Contract Extension

The Ottawa Senators have signed Goaltender Craig Anderson to a three-year contract extension worth $12.6 Million (USD). This comes just weeks after signing backup goaltender Robin Lehner to a three-year deal.

“I think it’s a great thing for the Ottawa Senators having two guys we feel can be number 1, two guys that can go in the net at any point and time and win games” Says Senators President…

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The Pittsburgh Penguins: Offseason Woes and Recap

The Pittsburgh Penguins: Offseason Woes and Recap

As the offseason nearly draws to a close, many people enjoy to look back at what their favorite team or teams did. Myself, a fellow hockey fan, like to discuss the greater (and not so great) aspects of the offseason. For Penguins fans, including myself, this offseason has had many blows, but perked up at some points.

When looking at the not-so-great side of the Pittsburgh Penguinsoffseason, you…

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Ice, Ice Baby: The NHL Takes the ALS Challenge

Ice, Ice Baby: The NHL Takes the ALS Challenge

It’s been the surprise challenge taking social media by storm over the last few weeks, and the Ice Bucket Challenge shows no signs of stopping.

The movement, which is aiming to raise awareness of amyotrophic lateral sclerosis, or ALS, has been extremely well received so far. The premise of the movement is simple: once nominated, you have 24 hours to complete the challenge and dump a bucket of ice…

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Drive for Five: Islanders seek fifth Stanley Cup in last year at Coliseum

Drive for Five: Islanders seek fifth Stanley Cup in last year at Coliseum

The much improved Islanders are going into the 2014-2015 season feeling confident they can make a final run for the playoffs in the Nassau Veterans Memorial Coliseum. “For me, it’s word of mouth. We get players like we did yesterday — Grabovski and Kulemin — word of mouth playing with other NHL players at world championships, playing with them at the Olympics and finding out what a good place Lon…

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NHL Forecast : The Tampa Bay Lightning

NHL Forecast : The Tampa Bay Lightning

I’ve heard a lot of talk about the Tampa Bay Lightning being the best team in the Eastern Conference in 14-15. Immediately I thought, what ?!? This team lost Martin St. Louis, arguably the best player in franchise history and people think that they’ll be better. Key word : Originally. Then I took a look at the club’s projected roster.

Let’s start in net where TampaBay returns Ben Bishop, the…

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The Anaheim Ducks are prepared to make history this new year.

The Anaheim Ducks are prepared to make history this new year.

It was recently announced that Teemu Selanne will have his No. 8 retired in a ceremony set to take place on January 11th.

After a 21-season career, Selanne will have his NHL experience come full circle – the retirement will be taking place on a night where Anaheim is set to host the Winnipeg Jets, Selanne’s first ever NHL team.

This ceremony will make Selanne the first player in the history of…

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