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The Blue and White Report: Assistant Coaches

The Blue and White Report: Assistant Coaches

Steve Spott and Peter Horachek are named the Leafs new assistant coaches.

Steve Spott
Steve Spott is from Waterloo, Ontario.

Spott’s first Ontario Hockey League job was with the Plymouth Whalers as their assistant coach for four seasons. When Head Coach Peter DeBoer moved to the Kitchener Rangers, Spott went with him.
In 2008 DeBoer took a job with the Florida Panthersand Steve Spott became the…

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Top 5 Worst UFA Signings from 2014 Offseason

Top 5 Worst UFA Signings from 2014 Offseason

After 87 signings and $575 million dollars spent, free agent frenzy appears to be over – with the exception of a few players who have yet to find a home. For the most part, the dust has settled on the free agent market. There were some amazing value signings, such as David Legwand for a mere $3 million, but there were many ridiculous overpayments as well. Here is a look at the five worst signings…

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10 Questions for Hockeys Future

10 Questions for Hockeys Future

I had the chance to ask Ken McKenna, managing editor of Hockeys Future 10 questions regarding this past NHL Draft, the upcoming 2015 Draft, as well the top NHL Prospects in the game . For me is the best website in terms of information on prospects for NHL teamsas well as the upcoming draft. They also break down each NHL team and what they have in their system, and what are the…

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Detroit Honeybaked

When it comes to U-16 AAA hockey, few organizations can compare to the Detroit Honeybaked. Every year Honeybaked produces top flight prospects that move on to the NCAA D1 and major Jr level. In this article we explore the secret to maintaining such a consistent level of excellence. The Honeybaked U-16 team (Midget Minor) won a tournament in Toronto and the Michigan Tier 1 U-16 State Tournament.…

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5 Most Improved Teams

5 Most Improved Teams

Now that the insanity of July 1st has come and gone, we can sit back and take a look at just who has done what and what kind of impact it’ll have on the year ahead.

Naturally, some teams got better after the initial free agency rush and some got significantly worse. We’ll get to those who declined at some point; instead, let’s focus on the teams that got it right. Not everyone made a huge move or…

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Potential Canucks Lineup?

There is no way that anyone can claim that Canucks GM, Jim Benning, isn’t swinging for the fences on this new season. Benning, who was hired by the Canucks on May 23rd, following the long anticipated dismissal of former GM, Mike Gillis, has said that this is likely the team that we’ll see on opening day this October.

“For the most part, we’re done” Benning said. “We’re probably going into the…

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NHL Salaries Accelerating Way Faster Than the Salary Cap

NHL Salaries Accelerating Way Faster Than the Salary Cap

Every since the lockout ended NHL Teams and General Managers have been spending, spending and spending some more on players. The result is NHL salaries are escalating at a much faster rate than the salary cap. This means a lot of teams are running out of cap space to just keep their current team. Many NHL GM’swho had a team last season near the salary cap ceiling were beyond disappointed to learn…

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NY Islanders Off-Season Gaining Momentum

NY Islanders Off-Season Gaining Momentum

After July 1st the first day of NHL free agency ended you could hear the cries from all over Long Island, NY from Islander fans. For full disclosure I am a New YorkIslander fan have been since I was a kid and trust me I feel all the Islander fans pain. I don’t know if NHL fans of the other 29 teams can truly feel the pain endured by Islander fans on what’s gone on the last 20+ years. Consider…

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Panthers Could Surprise

Seemingly every year, there is one team that defies the odds and leaves the NHL and its fans collectively surprised. One team that, on paper, isn’t the most talented but seems to have the right mix of skill, grit, age and youth.

In 2014/15, that team could very well be one that no one ever considers. That team could be the Florida Panthers.

Since Pavel Bureleft town way back around the Y2K era,…

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BCHL Hockey Insight : Canada’s Hyper-Competitive Jr. A League

BCHL Hockey Insight : Canada’s Hyper-Competitive Jr. A League

It can be debated, but no intelligent hockey observer would argue that the BCHL is among the top junior hockey leagues on the planet. Based in Western Canada, the BCHL has produced some great NHL’ers throughout the years.

The best player in the history of the league is probably Brett Hull, who scored a record 105 goals in the 83′-84′ season. More recently the league has produced the likes of Paul…

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